The word Magnificus is rooted in the Ancient Latin for majestic. As such, the brand of Magnificus is a culture and lifestyle movement, creating new clothing that is fresh, innovative and, for want of a newer word ‘Magnificus’. Established in 2014 and released in 2016; two years in the perfecting.
Magnificus is a brand that you never want to take off; it’ll be a second skin if you want it to be. It’s about quality and comfort. It’s about providing something sustainable while still keeping things ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’. Magnificus wants to inspire a culture, a generation, bringing in a new takes on luxury wear. It’ll make you feel expensive, giving you that luxury feel you desire which you will not find in any other brand.
Magnificus aims to bring in a fresh take on varied clothing; not only to make you look and feel majestic but also to give you items that many people won’t have.  This brand is for the bold, for the fashion conscious, the people who want to stay ahead and abreast of the trends instead of trailing along behind them. Magnificus is for the leaders, ready and willing to take the world by storm, go getters and ‘Ambition Achievers’.
This is a brand that prides itself on its exclusivity, the way it exudes luxury, confidence, and style. It will keep growing, always there for you with something new and exciting to wear in an industry so monotonous. Being majestic has a price and can be difficult to find but with Magnificus it is embedded from start to finish from quality aspects, material sourcing, final finishes to ensure the wearer is majestic from head to toe! Are you moving Magnificus?